Why Coaching?

Most climbers are always looking for ways to improve their performance. Whether you want to move from VS to HVS, onsight your first 7a outside or just enjoy and feel confident with your own abilities a coach is the fastest way to success. A climbing coach allows you to see where your strengths lie and what areas may find challenging. This is a personal process where I would ask questions, perform climbing drills and use video analysis allowing you to discover what areas you need to focus on. As a climbing coach for over 15 years I would deliver a bespoke training package to best suit your needs.

Our sessions

The coaching sessions will improve your technical, tactical physical and psychological abilities. These can cover everything from improving footwork to psychological drills to improve the head game. The sessions will be structured with activities designed to improve your climbing ability.

The cost is £165 per day for one to one tuition and £200 for 1 to 2. We would provide all the ropes and climbing equipment, bouldering matts (cams, nuts wires hexs slings etc). You would just need to provide your personal equipment, shoes, harness, chalkbag etc though we have a small supply of these items as well. Contact us for more details.