First Aid trainers

Here is a list of Peak and Yorkshire based first aid trainers I recommend.

Will 4 Adventure (Sheffield)

High Peak First Aid (Peak)

Underwood Training (Leeds)

Please feel free to download the notes and useful documents from any of the training course you have attended.

ML Training

Download the syllabus and handbook here.

BMC Green Guide to the Uplands

Flora and fauna cards

New Hill Walkers

Welsh place names 2

Welsh place names

An introduction to GPS

BMC's mend are mountains campaign 

BMC's national trust activity licence update

BMC's green guides

SPA Training

Download the syllabus and handbook here. 

Abseil set up and italian hitch tie off


BMC Green Guide to the Uplands

Climbing Wall games

Fall factors

Peer belaying- AALS

SPA rescues made simple

DMM's PPE information

PPE maximum lifespans for all climbing equipment

Another PPE max life format

CWA Training

Please read the belaying lemons article as it has some great ideas of how to avoid potential problems with groups.
Here is a website for knots

Download the syllabus and handbook here.

Simple slab rescue indoors

A good article by the New York Times about the dangers of static stretching before activities

CWLA Training

Attached are the course notes and some other very useful BMC pdf's. I would recommend reading the AALS belaying lemons as it is the best way to view peer belaying and AALA's belaying notes for inspectors The BMCtechcon 2006 is pretty full on and the info in there can be translated into the following articles on the bmc's website.

Video of Steve Mclure teaching lead belaying with a gri gri.

There is also an annoying american teaching how to clip.
And another one with a good example of the British style of clipping 
and how to lead belay

Here are two videos of dynamic and non dynamic (static) belaying

Download the syllabus and handbook here.

Training course notes