The new Rock Climbing Instructor
The Single Pitch Award (SPA) has changed its name to Rock Climbing Instructor (RCI) on 2nd April 2018.

Why did this happen?
The University of Central Lancashire were employed by Mountain Training and associated bodies to deliver qualitative research (climbing awards review)
The following themes emerged which have since been added to the RCI syllabus.
•    The need to strengthen the ‘instructor’ role.
•    Need to develop teaching skills throughout the qualifications.
•    Support for an assistant role.
•    Award names should reflect the role, function and environment.

How will the training and assessment change?
The course pre-requisites will change to.
Training Course: 24 hours (over 3 days with a minimum of 8 hours indoors)
•    Led 15 graded trad routes
•    Led 15 indoor climbing routes
•    Led 5 sports routes
Assessment Course: 16 hours
•    Led 40 graded trad routes (20 at grade Severe)
•    Led 30 indoor climbing routes (grade F4 or above)
•    Led 10 sports routes (grade F4 or above)
•    Assisted on 20 climbing sessions (10 indoors and 10 outdoors)

An extra day indoors for the RCI training? Whats going to be covered?
Areas that your provider might cover will include:
•    setting up and stripping sports climbs
•    teaching models, lesson plans and delivery
•    more warm ups and teaching games
•    simple problem avoidance solutions

Why the indoor and outdoor sport routes?
This shows more diversity of the candidates and Mountain Training would like RCI’s to be able to use appropriate sport climbing venues. The heart of the SPA has always been in traditional climbing but this doesn’t reflect the massive growth in bouldering and sport climbing that we’ve seen in the past 25 years.

Mountain Training recognises that these changes to the prerequisites may present challenges for those who have already completed their Single Pitch Award training and wish to attend a Rock Climbing Instructor assessment. Therefore there will be leeway given on the outdoor sport climbs requirement for Rock Climbing Instructor assessment for those who have already completed their Single Pitch Award training, until 31st December 2018. The minimum requirement of 10 outdoor sport climbs can be waived for such candidates during this period, provided that they have met the minimum indoor climbing requirement. It should be noted that this does not affect the standard of the assessment and candidates may be asked to complete a lead sport climb on their assessment course.

But I’m already SPA, whats going to happen?
Don’t worry if you are SPA (trained or assessed) will just transfer to the new RCI award (training or assessment). 

But I’m SPA trained. 
Either do the award before the 2nd April whilst it is still the SPA or do the RCI assessment after April 2nd. Either way if you are SPA trained or assessed your qualification will become the RCI. We will cover on any upcoming SPA training courses what is expected new Rock Climbing Instructor assessment.

But I’m CWA trained/assessed already do I need to do the indoor RCI day?
No you wont need to do the extra day. You can just come along to a 2 day RCI course. There will be a pathway to accommodate people with CWA (or CWI) training. However there will be specific 2 day and 3 day RCI training courses to accommodate this.