Support and technical services

The safety of your wall and the people who use it are of paramount concern to you and us. Whether you have a large or small, private or commercial wall Mckinlay Mountaineering  our expertise can help you navigate the complicated world of HSE paperwork requirements, regulations and legal obligations. We can offer the following:

  • Train staff to how to check fixings, anchors, wall maintenance checks, climbing equipment (PPE) for defects logging and correct disposal of faulty equipment.
  • Train reception staff to spot at risk climbers and signing in procedures for staff who are climbers or non-climbers themselves.
  • Floor walking policies and rescue procedures specific to your wall.
  • NICAS technical advisor role.
  • Adventurous Activities Licencing Service (AALS) support and technical advisor role for outdoor climbing and mountaineering.

This can be done in conjunction with staff training/risk assessment.

We have compiled expert witness reports for court cases, specialising in site specific training and assessment. Dan Mckinlay founder of Mckinlay Mountaineering profile can be viewed here on the BMC’s expert witness register.