Hi Dan

Thanks for the notes from the course.

For me the format worked really well. The morning discussion/white board note building of the previous day's activity was thorough and gave us opportunity to think through the processes and ask questions/learn from each other! Great.

Yourself and Andy complimented each other well with your backgrounds, knowledge and delivery and it was good to swap between the two of you through the 4 days.

Neil Bentley (the one thats climbed E10!) RCDI training course June 2019


Thank you so much for an excellent couple of days lead climbing in the Peak District. You tailored the coaching sessions exactly to my needs and it was great to practise existing skills alongside learning new techniques for solving problems encountered on routes. Your expertise, experience and enthusiasm coupled with a clear understanding of the learning process meant I came away with a clear picture of how I can consolidate and build on the progress I made. Stanage was the perfect venue and I had a lot of fun whilst learning a huge amount! Great weather too!


Kathryn Lead climbing coaching April 2019

Hiya Dan

Thank you very much for the feedback, I was really happy with how things went. It was great to be with such a nice bunch of people and John is just a bit of a unique character really:) He was really great, he managed to create an environment where I was pushed to the limit but at the same time put me at ease which was great. Olly is an absolutely fantastic instructor too and it was great to have him there. Overall I think you have a really good team dynamics going and I am so glad that I did my assessment with you! Thanks for the encouragement, feedback and climbing psyche chat!

Dom ML assessment April 2019

Dear Dan,

Sincere thanks for a fantastic RCI training weekend. Please pass on my thanks to Mark and John. All of your experience and professional shone through at the climbing wall and the crags. It was a superb course; I learned (or learned again/better), a great deal and took away lots of tips to use and ideas to think about over the coming weeks.

I am very grateful for the attachments, which I have read and stored.

Thanks again Dan. The whole weekend was excellent, and great fun. I came away absolutely knackered which is an excellent sign!! The other guys were also great to spend time with and hopefully we have formed a group who will variously meet up to climb and practice what we have learned over the next few months.

Very best regards Simon Carter RCI training April.

Hi Dan, Thanks for a brilliant course, It was a lot of ground to cover and you and your team, did an excellent Job of breaking everything down and making it achievable, you and your instructors (Mark and John) were all friendly and approachable, and gave really positive constructive feedback throughout the course (the way feedback is phrased is really important to me as I find criticism really difficult, and the three of you got this right with technical reasons where and why things could be improved). The group ratio of instructors to students was spot on, and there was always someone on hand to support or explain when needed. I have learnt loads and am now setting about putting as much of it as I can into practice.

Thanks again Dan, you and your team really inspired me, McKinley Mountaineering has a really great balance of personalities, knowledge, skills and stories amongst your team, it was clear you all love climbing and sharing that with others.

Tim RCI Training April 2019

Thanks for a great weekend, really enjoyed the course and how it went, I didn't realise how practical it would be and was partly expecting more sit downs - but I'm glad it wasn't. I thought it was a good balance and I enjoyed putting the principles into practice. Thank you for the extra documents as I was going to ask about them.


Cory Feb 2019

Dan, what a great couple of days on your CWI training Course. I have to say as a trad climber for over 40years I was a little apprehensive spending that much time indoors with a group so much younger, but no worries a good course put over very well made me feel completely at ease. Lots of new things learnt and practiced, more bouldering than I've ever done. A great time and thank you for the pointers on where I should go next. Cheers

Dave CWI training Feb 2019.

I really enjoyed the Climbing Wall Development Instructor Training with McKinlay Mountaineering. The instructors Dan and John were highly experienced and knowledgeable and they provided practical guidance for teaching lead climbing. I left the course with a clear pathway towards assessment and with an abundance of teaching ideas to use in sessions. Thanks for a great, informative day.


Josie, CWDI training Jan 2018


You are clearly on top of your game and I was very impressed with your professionalism, enthusiasm and delivery – it made for a very positive learning experience, so it’s a very genuine thank you. I took away much, not only on the technical aspects taught.

Chris Teaching leading indoors CPD day for MIA’s Dec 2018

Dear Dan,

I have not had time to send a brief message to thank you for a really useful and entertaining day on Friday in Sheffield. I thought it was one of the best CPD sessions I have done for a long time and it was thoroughly worthwhile. The exchange of ideas was very useful and your friendly, disarming manner meant that we did not feel inhibited about sharing experiences. Many thanks for your hard work and I hope you get off the takeaways soon!

Kind regards,

Peter Edgerton Teaching leading indoors CPD day for MIA’s Dec 2018

Hi Dan,

I just wanted to say thankyou very much again!

The assessment was made easier by your and Johns approach to it, you both made it easy to relax into the assessment and not add pressure when it wasn't need allowing me to be able to do my best.

The accommodation was great it had everything we needed and was comfortable. The course ran smoothly and I felt I had a fair and professional assessment. Also along with the fact that you are John are great guys and easy to get along with meant I had a great week so thankyou again.

Becky ML Assessment 2018

Hi Dan,

Thanks for a great week. You and John were great company and I really enjoyed the experience. You created a friendly, approachable and fun atmosphere which was very welcome in an assessment environment!

I thought that the course was extremely well planned with clear communication throughout i.e. we all knew what we were doing when and what was required of us!

I thought that the hostel provision was excellent at Borrowdale.

Charlotte Ml Assessment 2018

Hi Dan,

Had a brilliant time on the course and feal like I have achieved something. It was great to spend time on the hill with so many good like minded people. Yourself and John are a credit to your profession and epetimise what the outdoors is all about.

Thank you once again. Mick ML assessment Nov 18

Hi Dan,

Just an email to again say thanks for the ML(s) Assessment last week!

I really enjoyed the week with John and yourself. You both transformed an assessment in bad weather into an experience that has allowed me to learn, have fun & receive feedback on my ability and the skills that I have. All this as well as having me in stitches at times!

I'm now looking forward to gaining personal experience on mountainside crags and never stop learning. I can't wait to share these experiences with others both in work and with friends.

Kai ML Assessment Nov 2018

Hi Dan,

Hope you had a good weekend – looks like you did from the photos on FB!

Please pass on my thanks to Mark for a cracking weekend – really enjoyed it and learned lots. Mark’s a great guy and it would have been good to have spent more time with him.

Dave RCI Assessment Oct 2018

Hi Dan

Thank you very much for the resources and the course last Monday. I really appreciated your easy way and felt you created a positive and open atmosphere for learning.

Loved the practical stuff- loads to take away and play with and again felt your delivery was really good- plenty of space for questions and checking in.

I felt the round the table stuff was really useful too and some of the changes to the awards was new to me and allowed me to tune in. Also the variety of groups and group needs.

Thank you for making space for me and my various injuries. Felt all inspired when I left and have gone into serious recovery and proactive rehab since last week!!

Hope our paths cross again sometime- until then all the best

Andy SPA TO RCI workshop for the Mountain Training Association Oct 2018

Hi Dan and Simon,

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed and benefited from my recent RCI training course.

The syllabus is certainly wide but you both did a fantastic job of fitting it all into the three days while still leaving us hungry for more! Can’t wait to get back for my assessment.

Ed Rock Climbing Instructor training Sept 2018

Thanks for all this and thanks for leading yesterday. I had a great day and it was good to know I'm on the right track. Thanks for all your hints, tips and feedback too.

Best wishes,

Alex CPD event for Mountain Training Association, Sept 2018

Morning Dan

What can I say, The RCI is more than I expected and for myself fully enjoyed yourself and Tom’s expertise throughout the three days.

I came away with total admiration of your 30 years of climbing and the way you conducted the course that made it at ease and flow in a style that we all understood.

Neil Rock Climbing Instructor Training Aug 2018

Morning Dan

Just wanted to say many thanks for a brilliant weekend of Climbing you were awesome cheers matey.

I learnt so much and feel confident to continue my lead climbing career can’t wait to crack the Amazon one day.

I hope you enjoy the “Ben” all the best
Tom Wells Trad leading course June 2018

I have just finished a Rock Climbing Instructor refresher day with Dan. Dan helped me structure the day in advance and the day itself was fun and instructive. Dan is an excellent teacher and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone wishing to improve their climbing or training.

Jeremy May 2018

Dan was the most patient and considerate climbing instructor I have ever worked with. He makes all the training programs exceptional and fun while still making sure that you learn so much at the same time. For any future training courses I won't be looking any further at all and would be willing to travel all the way across the country if it meant getting training with Dan. Couldn't be improved at all.

Ben CWI training April 2018

Just finished a CWI training course with Dan McKinlay and I am buzzing with positivity for my future! The course, with abseil module, was fantastic and Dan is one of the most experienced climbers/mountaineers I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. He covered everything you need to know for the syllabus of the CWI award and amazed us with his rope wizardry! On top of all of that he is quite simply the nicest chap you’ll ever tie knots with. A gem of a man and one you’d most definitely be happy to have with you in the hills. Book a course with him and never look back!

Martin CWI training April 2018

I completed my CWLA training with Dan and enjoyed it that much I decided to return and complete my assessment with him, this was despite other providers being closer to home. The courses were both well structured and the exposure to real clients made it enjoyable and allowed me to get on with what I was there to do and forget about the assessment! I would highly recommend Dan to anyone considering completing their NGB courses and should he start to run the RCDI I imagine I will be making my way back along the M62 to Leeds!

James CWLA Assessment March 2018

Hi Dan, 

Really enjoyed the SPA training with Simon and Maggie thanks.
Looking forward to consolidating the training and Lead climbing in June
Al the best Tom

Hi Dan,

Just a quick message to thank you very much for a well run, relaxed and informative course. It really was worth the journey over and the accompanying notes are a huge help. Thanks again Dan, really appreciate the effort you put into the course and can't wait to come back for assessment.

Kind Regards

James CWLA Training Feb 2018

Hi Dan,
Thanks for all these materials! Just read through them and there are some very useful bits of info here. I have already tried out a few of the games and can't wait to put more of them into practice! 

Thanks again for the course, it was great.

Lewis CWA Training Jan 2018

Hi Dan,

This is just a quick, late email to thank you for the CWLA training and assessment. I really enjoyed it and feel that the way you led it was great and I had a good learning experience! Glad I decided to travel down to Leeds :)

Daga CWLA Assessment Nov 2017

Hi Dan

Thanks for asking, I thought it was an excellent course, supportive environment, the Monday allowed us to get fully prepared for the rest of the week.  The steep ground day was a good experience, that not only tested us, but gave us some valuable experience too.  The exped was a good length and offered the right level of challenge.  I also felt you passed on some good knowledge too.

Thanks again for a good course.
Chucky ML Assessment Nov 2017

Good Morning Dan,

Firstly thank you for last week, yourself and John made what i expected to be a very intense week relaxed and fun.

Warm Regards

Rikki ML Assessment Nov 2017

Hi Dan

I know from speaking to everyone else on the course that the first two days, which are a bit more relaxed and informal, were very helpful in letting people relieve that dreaded assessmet stress!
As for venues, I enjoyed being in an area i'd not visitted often, it made a great change from the rest of the time i'd spent in the lakes. I also thought there were some very interesting places to go walking; Kirk Fell, Pillar and Haystacks.
I had a really good week all things considered and despite the windy night a very fun exped with John!

Ben ML Assessment Nov 2017

Hi Dan,

This is belated but wanted to say thanks again for letting me be a guinea pig for the CWLA instructor assessment last month at Leeds Wall.  I had an absolute blast and learned loads - If you need any more guinea pigs in the future, please bear me in mind.

Sarah CWLA Oct 2017

Hi Dan,

Yes, thanks for the course, really enjoyed it. You and Andy were knowledgeable, supportive, relaxed and good company. Locations were great, it's a beautiful area! 

Matt ML Assessment Oct 2017

Hi Dan, 

Thanks for your email. 

I really enjoyed the week even with the poor weather! 

I thought the organisation of the course was great, I really enjoyed getting assessed by you and Andy and I thought the accommodation and area worked really well.

Annie ML Assessment Oct 2017

Hi Dan,

I just wanted to email to say thanks for a brilliant and really informative course! It was so much fun and the information was all presented in a comprehensive and clear way.

Anyway, thank you very much.


Maya CWA Training Sept 2017

Hi Dan, 

Thanks for sending this information across (the post course notes). 

I found the training both informative and enjoyable and was impressed by the way in which you catered to the variety of experiences of those on the course. Discussion of how each skill might translate and vary in a 'real-life' scenario helped give a clear picture of what instructing is like, leaving me confident in what I had learnt. 

Many thanks, Holly CWA Training Sept 2017

Hi Dan,
Thanks for the great training and flexibility around our work loads. The course was extremely helpful and has filled me with confidence regarding the use and management of our climbing facility. Thanks also for all the really good resources, this will be invaluable when delivering particularly to our GCSE students.

I ran my first session last night with some GCSE students and it went really well!

Mario Rimoldi, Head of PE St Marys Mount Catholic High School July 2017

Loved the course, found it efficient and informative.
Enjoyed the whole course – especially the rescues and group work areas – a few nice points in their which instantly I thought where incredibly relevant for what I was looking for.
As an instructor I found you really easy to learn from, the atmosphere on Saturday morning could have easily been an awkward one as it so often is on courses with people from all different backgrounds and areas but you managed to get the whole group relaxed and sharing ideas early on which meant for an all round easy weekend of learning! 
Thanks a lot for the course mate!
Jack CWA Training June

Hiya Dan, yes I am so pleased about how the day went! thank you so much, I would like to add how professional Mark was without making the group feel under unnecessary pressure from the assessment as well as being very knowledgeable, in fact it felt like a normal day at the crag and i quite enjoyed it even in the heat!
Thanks again
Olly SPA Assessment June 2017

Dan was great on our SPA training. He was incredibly enthusiastic, supportive and no question went unanswered. He also went above and beyond what I was expecting by providing loads of useful advice and additional materials to help prepare for the assessment. Thoroughly enjoyable and I feel confident I have everything I need to make the most of my consolidation period.

Amy SPA Training May 2017

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your time in organising it all for us. Adam was fantastic and super supportive the whole day. 

Josh SPA Assessment April 2017

Hi Dan,

I just wanted to drop you a short email to say thank you very much for the course provided last week, it was highly insightful.

Zack CWLA Training April 2017

Hello Dan,

Thank you very much for your email and a great course. I really enjoyed both days.

Thanks again,
Amy CWA March 2017

I wanted to thank you all for allowing me to join in with last week’s CWA Training course. It was an  impeccably delivered course and I know that those taking part thoroughly enjoyed it and more importantly got a hell of a lot from it and from the inspiration you individually provide. If imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery then in you all they have some great role models to emulate.

Chris (Manager) March 2017

Did CWAA training with Dan and it was excellent, learnt a lot and have a good idea on what to expect at assessment and the timescale I'd be looking at for doing it. Dan has a wealth of experience so is a great person to do courses with.

Sophie March 2017

I did for training and assessment with Dan for both my CWA and CWAA. Dan was excellently professional and informative throughout. Excellent course. Highly recommended.

Cameron Thompson Feb 2017

Hi Dan

Dan has a very positive personality, and is both professional and friendly, in his approach to instructing. He hits the right balance of demonstrating specific skills, whilst giving encouragement for the skills you already know how to do. I very much hope to have Dan again for my SPA assessment later on this summer.

All the best

Rob Moorcroft Feb 2017

Hi Dan, 

Thanks again for the course last weekend, I learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it too! 

Thanks also for sending this info across, it looks super useful. I'm looking forward to sitting down and reading through it properly over the Christmas break!

Emma Dec 2016

Hi Dan, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for a really great two days.

Your professional instruction, guidance and relaxed coaching style, along with your skill of making us all feel at ease straight away, made it a really enjoyable learning experience.

I learnt so much from yourself, especially how you never missed anything any one of us might not have got quite right, but you then turned it into a really positive learning situation each time. 

I will definitely be recommending you to friends etc 


Pete Hill CWA Training November 2016

Good evening Dan,

I just wanted to say thank you for your expert guidance today in ensuring that the department is amply prepared to deliver high quality climbing sessions at Brighouse High School.

Your relaxed yet thorough approach was fantastic and put all my staff at ease, particularly as I know one or two we're definitely nervous prior to today. 

Again many thanks for all your help and support and I look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Mr B. Wainwright

Head of Physical Education
Brighouse High School November 2016
Hi Dan,

Thanks for a great course. Plenty of information there for me to get on and practise. I just have to make sure I'm proactive in joining a few outdoor sessions between now and spring so I can get on. 

I learned a lot on the course and I found that it gave me lots to think about. I think you catered for the spread of experience immensely well and I personally felt challenged on both days. 

I enjoyed the first day and I found it reassuring to have some professional input into my climbing practice on lead and setting up belays. You go for years doing the same thing you were taught all those years ago, never really questioning what you do or how you do it and then suddenly, you question everything! No need though, your subtle suggestions here and there pointing me in the right direction for successful and responsible climbing practice. 

The second day was great too. This is where there were gaps in my knowledge and experience. First off, great call taking us to Burbage. A day at Lawrencefield wouldn't have been the same and it worked out perfectly with the weather. Sweet. Your instruction on setting up bottom ropes, abseils and group activities was spot on. I know I had experience to build on but your quick explanation and then straight to hands on practice worked a treat. I think you also allowed enough individual  pair work which was great. 

All in all, an amazing course. Glad to have found you and booked on with you! Nice one.

Thanks again,

Henry SPA Training Oct 2016

Hi Dan,

I very much enjoyed the course and learnt lots of new techniques over the weekend, unfortunately i can't give you any feedback other than it was great!. 
Thank you for attaching the documents I've found them all very useful, especially the belaying lemons and hut list (got a trip to Bosigran planned). SPA rescues made simple i found informative.

All in all very good and thank you

Phil SPA Training September 2016

Hello Dan
I must write to you to say how thoroughly I enjoyed the above ML course.
The content was delivered with passion and in a very clear and understandable manner.
The sense of humour you brought pervaded throughout Dan
Particularly enjoyable was the nav element down to a level of detail that I don't normally operate at. 😉
Introducing Neil to guide us through the steep ground group management on Tryfan and then for the Friday and Saturday expedition and night nav was inspired.
Neil's delivery across the board like your own was just fabulous.
If I was asked to sum up the course simply I'd say........
"I've been doing outdoors stuff for about forty five years and I know quite a bit. Now I am confident that what I know has been verified and thanks to the course I know a great deal more.
Regards and many thanks.
Paul Burgess ML Training Sept 2016

Hi Dan,

Just sending a quick email about feedback from my SPA assessment on the 23/24th July.

I felt it was a well thought out assessment that challenged us to think about how we would practically be using our SPA in the future.
Adam was a very knowledgable assessor and put the whole group at ease. I learnt some very valuable tips and things to be aware of as an SPA and have already put these into practice in my work. 

I would highly recommend Adam and yourself/company as you have been very helpful and easy to communicate with. I especially liked how people looking to do there assessment could come and shadow on the second day, I think I would have found this useful too (to set aside my nerves).

I hope this is all helpful feedback.

Best Wishes

Jenny SPA Assessment August 2016

Hi Dan, 

I found it a really well run course, particularly the way advice was given, always very clearly explained and justified, as well as being open to challenge

Cheers Ben SPA Assessment June 2016

Thanks for the feedback and the additional material Dan,

As for feedback on the course I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day and it really did help me convert my own personal leading experience into ways in which I could teach others. 
Just having a much better range of clipping techniques and ways in which to teach falling has already made a positive impact in the sessions I have been working in. 

Karl May 2016

Dear Dan

Thanks for your email, I had a fantastic weekend. 

I really enjoyed the course and wanted to feed back how great Mark was as our instructor and assessor. He was very friendly, extremely professional and helped me feel at ease despite my nerves. He is obviously passionate about climbing and I feel I have learned so much from him. Even though I have been climbing for years, he had loads of hints and tips that I feel will really help me in my own climbing and in teaching/coaching others. The weekend was excellent and I can't think of any suggestions on how it could be better (it helped that the weather was fantastic throughout!)

Best wishes,

Dean May 2016

Morning Dan,
Just a quick email of thanks regarding the ML assessment the other week in the Lakes.  It was an enjoyable experience and feel I learnt some interesting stuff.  A great course and a nice relaxed atmosphere.  Please pass on my thanks to Gareth again.  Oh and many thanks for organising the great weather!!
Matt April 2016

Hi Dan, thank you for the info & thank you again for an excellent two days. You really supported us all brilliantly & imparted lots of knowledge in a very enjoyable way. I had a fab time & I'm now very keen to get going with my dlog & get on with those quality walks! (I've upgraded my compass already). 
Please pass on my thanks to Jason too, he was a great back up to your lead & also made us feel very supported. 
Thanks again. 
Jayne April 2016

Hi Dan, 

Thankyou to you and John for running the course. It was an amazing experience and learning opportunity. 
The coaching points were always clear and helpful making it really easy to pick up new techniques quickly. The hostel we stayed it was lovely and the help with kit was definatly apreciated. 
Ive really taken away a lot of new experiences and skills and thats down to you both so thanks again. 
Now for me to go and practise and expand my experience.
Thank you, 

Rebecca Hunt. April 2016

Hi Dan,

Firstly just wanted to say thanks for helping through my CWA training etc and how much I enjoyed my assessment with Adam last week.

Chris April 2016

Hi Dan

The lessons were excellent, I learned a lot and have remembered more from uni because of it. I never had the names of climbing moves but now I've got them pretty much. Thank you

Yours sincerely
Shayne March 2016

Hi Dan,
Thanks for the opportunity today, good to refresh skills and pick up new ways of doing things!

Chris Feb 2016

Hi Dan,
Really really enjoyed it; great course and set perfectly at the right level I think!  Definitely got the cobwebs out!
Thanks for all the information.


Jeffers Feb 2016

Hi Dan,
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for this weekend.  I certainly learnt a lot with regards to my personal climbing ability and you cleared up many of the questions I had.

Chris Jan 2016

Hi Dan

Thank you very much for all of the info that's really helpful. 

I would just like to say the SPA was a really good weekend I think we definitely all learnt a lot, also John was fantastic. Probably after next season I will want to start my ML award so I will give you a call for that then .


Joel November 2015

Hi Dan

I meant to send an email earlier saying how good the training was with Adam. He's a very enthusiastic and knowledgable trainer, and I enjoyed the training very much. I'll be sure to recommend your course and Adam specifically to anyone I know that wants to do the same. Many thanks to you both for all the help so far, I'm hugely impressed! 

James Hindle November 2015.

Hi Dan,
Really enjoyed the course at the weekend - great style of teaching & a lot of really useful knowledge shared.

Ed Brown October 2015


I would just like to thank you and your team for providing a well run course, the week was really enjoyable whilst still providing the relevant information/demonstrated skills that are required to progress as a Mountain Leader. 

Joe Harden August 2015

Hi Dan,

Just wanted to say thankyou so much for the recent CWLA training! It was lovely, well presented.
You were friendly and funny, but very informative :) I felt I learnt quite a bit, also, luckily, the rest of the group were great too! :)
Personal feedback was good and helpful.
I enjoyed it so much...even though it's far for me to go, I am really seriously considering trying to do my assessment with you too :)

Thanks again,
Joe (London based) May 2015

Hi Dan,

Id just like to give  some feedback for the ML course, which i know can be helpful. Apart from walking away with the required result, I found the whole experience a very positive one.
The accommodation was excellent, quiet and with the option to have good value catered meals.
Good choice of areas with a sufficiently wild feel.
John and Ryan were both excellent in how they relaxed us and enabled us to show what we are capable of doing. There was a good balance of assessment and continued training, with little hints and tips. John did  a particularly good job of making the assessment an enjoyable experience, laughed lots! I thought Ryan stepped into the middle of the process flawlessly, with a very relaxed proffesional manner. I picked up lots of little coaching tips from him.
Thanks again.

Regards Ian Holtby May 2015

Hi Dan,

Thanks for all the information you sent last week, I hope the below is useful.

The course was well put together. It was very comforting on the first morning to go right back to basics and feel confident in what you already knew - compass work and map symbols, and learning more about the weather. To have half a days walking on the first day was a good gentle way of getting into it. 

To have the rope work mid week was good to let tired muscles recover, and to keep the wild camping to the end of the week - knowing you were going home the next day! I personally really enjoyed the rope work. I had never done it before, and found the way in which you put it across really clear and easy to learn.

The accommodation was much better than a bunk barn! I found it great that if you wanted 5 minutes on your own you could wonder off for a nice cuppa without feeling you were being rude to the rest of the group! 

The course was really good, and much more relaxed. I have kept putting it off for years. I was so nervous each morning, it was comforting when you kept saying we were there to learn and managed the learning alongside the weather.

Thankyou Julie :-)
Please also pass on my thanks to John too. April 2015

Hi Dan

Thanks for a great week (despite the weather). I thought yourself and John were excellent instructors and would definitely book through you again. Hostel location was perfect. Excellent course overall.


Jack Hunter April 2015

Hello again

Thanks again for an enjoyable weekend. As a retired teacher of 31 years experience and having over 50 years experience in mountaineering I believe I'm qualified to write a testimonial!  Dan, Adam and Simon were thorough, professional, knowledgeable and skillful in all areas. All three showed good pace without ever seeming to rush and welcomed questions from the group. They also asked good questions which were often open-ended and encouraged discussion. The group were made aware of the different ways in which adults and youngsters learn and encouraged us to use as many approaches as we could in our teaching of skills.  I would thoroughly recommend these individuals and this outfit to anyone looking for a training course in mountaineering.  

Les Deakin March 2015

Hi Dan, thanks for the information. May I pass on my thanks to you, Adam and Rob for a very enjoyable, informative and professional course. I learnt a lot over the weekend and now know what areas I need to work on before my assessment. I am hoping to book my assessment as soon after the consolidation period as possible. I would be very interested in coming along to one of your CWA assessment as a client. Once again thank you.

Graeme White

Jan 2015

Hi Dan,

I just wanted to say how much of a fantastic course I had at the weekend. The great comments on the freelance instructors Facebook page lived up to expectations. 

Both Rob and Adam went beyond and even stayed for a climb at the end on Saturday, whee they continued to help us improve our personal climbing. Rob took plenty of photos and has since made them available to us, as well as providing me with a recommended kit list for the abseil section.

Thanks for a great course :)
Ste. Jan 2015

Hi Dan,

I really enjoyed the SPA weekend with Mark. It was good to get confirmation of my current skills, but I also picked up a few new techniques which I have put to good use since.

The SPA rescues and abseil pick up documents are a really useful thing to have and explain the techniques very well. 

Tom Mather November 2014

Hi Dan,

First of all a big thank you for last week's ML course. I got a huge amount out of it and I now understand what the requirements are before attempting the assessment. I now look forward to a few months of focused consolidation and I'll be back in touch with you in the spring for the assessment.

Steve Johnson November 2014.

Hi Dan

I just wanted to give some feedback on last weeks SPA assessment:

Despite assessment nerves, I had a really enjoyable weekend and met some great people. Adam and Simon both provided a fair and efficient service. They watched and scrutinised closely but also stepped back to give me time and space for rigging and demonstrating skills when appropriate.

Quality assessors and a good social mix of candidates meant that I have come away from the course inspired, motivated and keen to introduce novices to climbing with an increased level of confidence. The only pressure I felt under on assessment is that which I placed upon myself. 

Venue choices were appropriate. Burbage North, Millstone and Lawrencefield were all accessible, close to the climbing wall and enabled me to demonstrate skills in context. The cracking weather also helped a great deal so many thanks for arranging that too.

Kind regards,

Will Coombs. October 2014

Hi Dan, 

Thanks very much for a great SPA Training course this past weekend - a brilliant course with excellent instructors, loads learnt and loads to learn, fantastic. If you could pass on my thanks to John and Adam also that would be great.

Phil Davies SPA training September 2014

Hi Dan, 

Thanks for an excellent week on the training course - I learnt a lot and really enjoyed the experience. I particularly liked your approach to involving us all in the training process and the course was challenging but relaxing allowing us to learn at our own pace and ability level. 

Matt Renshaw- ML Training June 2014

Hi Dan,
I'm writing to you to thank you for  quality training and great time I had during weekend.
Course was absolutely brilliant, knowledge was passed to us in understandable and professional way .
Thanks to Adam and Simon I found both days very interesting and I've  learned a lot.
Thank you one more time.
Krzysztof  Kazimierski SPA Training June 2014

Hi Dan 

I just wanted to say that the work you have done for us at St Bede's Catholic Grammar School has been outstanding . The staff climbing courses you did on our wall was informative , fun and interesting and all our staff valued your expertise and knowledge of climbing . Furthermore, your ability to also offer equipment and safety checks on our wall is invaluable and it is really reassuring to know that our facility is being looked after by someone who is passionate about outdoor education .

We are proud to be associated with you and cannot recommend you highly enough . 

Best wishes

Sajad Hussain ( Deputy Leader of PE)


Hi Dan
Good to meet you today at Leeds.
What a great course.
Both Adam and John were absolutely brilliant.
The objectives were always made clear our personal outcomes criticised constructively and importantly for me why we did something a certain way.
Please pass my gratitude to Adam and John.
Kind regards and thanks again.

Hello Dan

Just a short note to thank you for accommodating me on your CWA assessment session on Saturday.
It was a real bonus for me to be able to contribute as the "dummy" client.
I was honoured that I helped Tam settle his nerves, thank you for that opportunity. 
I learned a lot over the course of the day both from yourself and also your candidates - seeing things from different angles to achieve the same objective etc.
Your style is very conducive to the whole process, objectives clearly set, superbly explained and also enhanced with examples and anecdotes from your mountaineering and climbing experience.
Simply a great day for me.

I will be booking my CWA and CWAA assessment with you for the March date at Leeds.
I feel very inspired presently, whilst that in part is down to somewhat childish enthusiasm, very influential is the quality of instruction I have received to date.

Kind regards, be safe and thanks again. Paul

Hi Dan, 

Just wanted to say thankyou for this week, it has been really interesting and inspiring. 

Thanks again Gary Schofield

I have done my ML and SPA training with Dan. I was expecting the ML assessment to be 5 days of tedious navigation but instead it was totally brilliant. It included 2 wild camps, the best scramble I have ever done in the Lakes, good company and lots of laughs. The Nav was challenging and very rewarding and I learned new stuff also, which is always good fun. The SPA was cool and well delivered and great value for money.
Dan is the man when it comes to courses.  

Simon Lambert

I can thoroughly recommend Dan, he has a good approach to all of his courses and will be doing my ML assessment and Climbing Wall Leading award assessment with him this year.


Hi Dan

Please pass on my thanks to John and Adam. It was a great course, it was a nice learning environment. The course ran smoothly and I enjoyed it. Definitely recommend this course.

Many Thanks Christina Harris

I have no hesitation recommending Dan to anyone who needs help, support or guidance with their climbing wall. We reached out Dan over a year ago and he provided us with a fantastic turn-key solution which removed all our anxiety. Since then he's been ever-available to offer further advice and quickly answered queries as they've arisen.

Andrew Steel
Business & Enterprise Manager

Hi Dan,

Firstly thank you for the comprehensive training that you provided for our staff at Temple Moor. The training was extremely personalised and you worked excellently around our very busy timetabling.  Because of the training we are able to deliver sessions to a wide range of student groups within the school and these clubs are now ever growing. We now have 3 highly trained staff members who are fully confident at delivering climbing sessions to our students. I cannot recommend Dan highly enough and I look forward to working with him in the future.


James Barratt

Temple Moor High School - Learning Manager for PE.

Dan has undertaken staff training on our climbing wall with 5 members of staff who required a site specific licence to use the wall.  His professional approach throughout the training and subsequent assessment was well received by all the staff that Dan worked with.  He was aware of the different experiences and skills of the staff undertaking the training and tailored his advice and guidance as appropriate.  His friendly manner and obvious expertise made the sessions enjoyable and productive and I would have no hesitation in recommending Dan

Andy Halliley
Assistant Headteacher
Thornton Grammar School

My recent CWA/CWAA Assessment at Leeds Wall was well organised, well briefed with the objectives clearly set out and the possible outcomes clearly explained.
For me the icing on the cake was as a group we had Adam Hughes as our instructor / assessor.
Imagine if you will, myself (a born worrier) trying to be efficient and at the same time pushing myself to achieve a gold standard and up goes the stress level. In steps Adam and tells me what I've done is very good and well thought through so down goes the stress level. Great soft skills.
Right, add to this Adam's approach where my rig is appraised and is at the required standard. Great thinks I. So here comes the icing on the cake...... Adam then shows me a more efficient way of delivering the same objective. This is achieved in such a way that one feels that one's own efforts are not any less valued or valid. Just the opposite in fact, personally I felt that my work was being built on as a sound foundation that benefited hugely from Adam's experience and guidance.
Thank you Dan and Adam. 

Hi Dan
I have just arrived home after the CWA training . 
I would like to thank Adam for the weekend.
He has been an inspiration to me and helped me beyond measure on not only a professional level but also personal. 
The course has been relaxed but to the point. Our achievements recognised and our faults addressed in a positive manner.
I feel that I now have goals to reach and would hope that my sessions will develop in to something that everyone will be proud off.
On a personal note, I have regained my confidence whilst climbing, although I still have a way to go with my stamina however,  after the weekend I know that I can achieve a good standard.

In short I offer you both my heart felt thanks

Yvonne Lewis